Driving taxi in Panama City

(Last Updated On: 13. July 2018) Taxis are one of the cheapest means of transport in Panama City. But be aware as Panamanian taxi drivers like to rip off tourists. And to be honest, this happens almost to every newbie unless you know how to avoid this. So it happened to me too. In this article I will explain you how to avoid to get ripped off by taxi drivers in Panama City and give you some information about the taxi fares et cetera. Fare zones in Panama City First of all, Panamanian taxis don’t have any taximeters, so you don’t pay for the time you spent inside a taxi. Instead, Panama City is subdivided into special taxi zones. As long as you stay within one zone, you pay always the same fare. You can even stay in a traffic jam for an hour. But as long as you do this within the same zone, the price will not rise. To sum it up: you pay not for the driven kilometers but for the number of zones within you are moving and which you are crossing. Besides that, the price will also rise, when the amount of the passengers rises. How much does it cost? If you are driving alone and stay within one zone, you would pay about $2 Dollars. When there are two persons, the price could rise up to $3 Dollars. Actually I did not fully get the system how they calculate the price when there are … Continue reading Driving taxi in Panama City