Photography and Travel in Panama – Activities at Yandup Lodge

(Last Updated On: 2. December 2017) At Yandup you can do some activities (included), offered by the Kuna people but don´t expect anything extraordinary. Every day, from about 9:30 am to 12 am you can go with your guides by boat to another small islets with beautiful and scenic beaches for snorkeling or swimming. Besides that you can visit from 15:30 pm to 17:00 pm the “comunidad” with a guide and he will explain some interesting things about the Kuna people and lead you through their settlement. The next activity is the possibility to visit the Kuna graveyard and the river (by boat) not far away from Yandup. Actually that´s it.  Thomás said, it is also possible to book a fishing tour but you need to book it extra at your tour organizator before you go to Yandup. The reason for this apparently limited activities is that the most tourists come to Yandup usually for two days. We spent 3 days there but it was rather an exception than a rule. You don´t need to do this activities. If you want, you also can stay all the time at Yandup. They have a little beach there, with 2 canopies and 4 beach chairs. Trip to another islets Here you can see some pictures from our third trip to an islet located about 15 minutes away from Yandup (normal boat speed). It was our last day and it was the best for us. The isle was absolutely great and besides that … Continue reading Photography and Travel in Panama – Activities at Yandup Lodge