Travel and Photography in Panama – Yandup Island

(Last Updated On: 29. October 2018) Please note: to see the first blogpost about my Panama trip, click here, folks. After appr. 40 minutes the plane started to descend. I looked out of the window, but I couldn’t find any signs of civilization. Below us were a mere of jungle and a stripe of a coast in a visible nearness. After 3 more minutes I finally saw it: a tiny stripe near the coast. It was the landing strip and during the last section the pilot began to steer the plan pretty steep downwards. After we had got out of the plane, there were two guys waiting for us and they brought us by motorized boat to the Yandup Lodge. This tiny isle is located just 2 or 3 kilometers away from the coast, so it took us about 5 or 7 minutes to get there. I sat quite close … Continue reading Travel and Photography in Panama – Yandup Island