Travel and Photography in Panama – Arriving in Panama City

(Last Updated On: 29. October 2018) We started our journey in Munich via Atlanta City and arrived in Panama City about 9:30 pm. The whole journey lasted about 17 hours. When you want to fly from the States, for example Atlanta City, you can anticipate a flight duration about 4 hours. How much did it cost? Surprisingly we had to pay “just” 500,- EUR (about $600,-). When you fly to Mexico or Cuba from Europe, you usually need to pay at least a double of this amount. But maybe the price was such low because our trip occurred in the off-season. Arriving in Panama City In the more northern latitudes the weather starts to become cooler in October so you need to wear pullovers and between-seasons jackets. But when we landed in Panama City and the exit door of the airport opened, we went into a wall of heat. Although about 9:30 pm, there were at least 29 degrees Celsius (about 84 Fahrenheit). These are the moments you know that this is the beginning of new experiences and great memories. Transfer to the hotel When you book a hotel with a good service, you can get a transportation directly from the hotel. I f your hotel does not offer such service, you can either go by taxi to the city or book a shuttle service already when you are booking your trip. When we were planning and booking our trip to Panama, we booked a transportations service online at Arriving … Continue reading Travel and Photography in Panama – Arriving in Panama City