What Is A Gamma Squeeze

You may have heard of a so-called short squeeze. In this scenario, an increasing stock price forces market participants who were shorting the stock to buy it back, which in turn drives the stock price higher. A gamma squeeze is similar. But it represents a more complex type of short squeeze, as it’s typically an interaction between purchased options, stocks that are heavily shorted, and the market makers.

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What Is A Blockchain Oracle?

Operations performed on the blockchain, such as smart contracts, are automatically verified by the participants of the decentralized network within this blockchain. The benefit comes from trusting only the network and not individual third parties because that’s what blockchains were designed to do. Nevertheless, there are times when data from outside is needed to be provided by third parties. But blockchains themselves cannot access data outside their network. So how can real-world data get into the blockchain?

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Poor Man’s Covered Call Strategy

A poor man’s covered call (also known as a leveraged covered call) is a strategy favored by options traders with small accounts. This is also where the name comes from. Some of you will have heard of the covered call strategy. If not, you should read about this strategy first to better understand the leveraged covered call.

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Blockchain And Sustainability – Can It Work?

Basically, all blockchains got a negative image since the news that mining bitcoins consumes as much energy as a small country. Sure, it’s a fact that a Bitcoin transaction can power a household for more than 70 days in a row. But with the development of new cryptocurrencies and new consensus mechanisms, it was shown that not all blockchains are energy guzzlers. Because of that, can the use of blockchains fit into the concept of sustainability and with this, also have something positive?

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The Problem With ESG Investing

The criticism of ESG investments is increasing. Many experts criticize the rating system or the rating agencies behind it. They state that ESG does not analyze the sustainability of companies. Instead, they claim, the goal of ESG is to make good business through supposedly green investments. But where exactly is the problem of ESG, and what solutions could be used to avoid ESG criticism in the future?

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